LR optimiert 0510 1600x300


  • Secures under high levels of vibration, acts to oppose unwinding and prevents loss of pretensioning force.
  • Settling effects are offset by the high cup spring action of the washer.
  • Proven screw-locking at low and high pretensioning force levels.
  • Screw connections with reduced grip length are reliably secured even when exposed to dynamic loading.
  • Re-usable (max. 4x)
  • Compensates for the negative effects of oils and greases.
  • Optimal screw-locking function on slotted-hole screw connections (NSK B and NSK L).
  • Provides backing layer protection (the NSK washer does not turn during assembly)
  • A one-piece locking element which is very easy to use.
  • No metal filings produced during bolt tightening, due to the specially-designed serrations.
  • Low tightening torque dispersion and low coefficient of friction.
  • A wide portfolio offering solutions for almost every area of application and financial benefits associated with product standardisation. The development of special client-specific solutions is also possible.
  • The locking elements are designed on the basis of tightening torques and VDI 2230 construction guidelines.
  • Available in specially hardened and tempered corrosion-protected spring steel or stainless steel. Special materials and surfaces are available on request.