LR optimiert 0510 1600x300

Quality assurance

The DIN 65151 / 25201-4 vibration test is an acknowledged procedure for testing the reliability of screw connections. The aim of the test is to investigate and comparatively evaluate the loosening behaviour of screw connections when subject to dynamic transverse loading under defined test conditions. Comparative evaluation allows the results of trials carried out on unsecured screw connections and those of verification tests carried out on screw connections fitted with locking elements to be compared.

In the verification tests, effective lateral displacement is used as the reference locking-effect parameter. The guiding principle in the test specifications is that the locking element should be tested under conditions corresponding to its intended area of application.

teckentrup carries out regular in-house and external vibration tests based on application context and client-specific requirements.The results of such tests are used to continually optimise the performance of NSK washers.

The following standards are also used to ensure the maintenance of product-specific properties:

  • Production testing of coined product contours
  • Heat treatment to teckentrup specifications
  • Hardness and strength evaluation via specially-developed test procedures.
  • On-going improvement in product design through research and development.