Quality & Environmental Policy

Our quality and environmental policy is an essential part of our corporate guidelines, which are based on an integrated management system (IMS) as well as the following cornerstones:

  • customer satisfaction
  • quality
  • innovation
  • thinking and acting in process chains
  • continuous improvement/error prevention
  • employees
  • the environment
  • suppliers
  • the applicable legislation

The aim of the IMS is to ensure that all activities which can have an impact on the above points are planned, managed, monitored and effective. The manual is based on customer requirements and the following standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001,
  • ISO/TS (IATF) 16949,
  • DIN EN ISO 14001,
  • together with the VDA-/AIAG regulations

For the purpose of optimising our processes, all employees are required to contribute in terms of quality consciousness, risk-aware thinking and lean and efficient documentation.

Customer satisfaction
The satisfaction of our customers is an essential precondition for effective and successful business growth. It is therefore important for our products and services not only to be competitive, but also to meet the requirements of our customers in terms of function, price, punctuality, quality and sustainability. An important aspect of this is providing our customers with all-round information and consulting with regard to the selection, application and disposal of our products.

We owe our business success to the outstanding quality and value for money of our products, backed up by a high level of flexibility, employee reliability and punctual delivery. We continuously develop our quality standards further in order to meet the exacting demands of our customers.

Our products embody reliability and innovation. We set ourselves the target of creating products which can be safely produced, safely used and sustainably disposed of. By applying new and sophisticated technologies we enable our customers to benefit from processes which make more expensive and elaborate production operations unnecessary. We always take the path of the best possible solution.

Thinking and acting in process chains
With our process-oriented, integrated management system and production system (tpPS) we ensure that potentials are identified in all areas and integrated in the continuous improvement process. In planning, operating and developing our processes and the related facilities and equipment, we always take into account all aspects relating to quality, safety, health and the environment.

Continuous improvement/error prevention
We aim to secure the quality of our products not by removing defects but by ensuring in advance that they don't occur. All staff are called on to participate actively in this process by contributing their own ideas and suggestions. We regard it as our responsibility to ensure the continuous improvement of health and safety in the workplace, together with our environmental performance. Our quality management system serves as an aid in the ongoing improvement of our operations and processes, and in reducing costs.

All employees are responsible for the quality of their working results. We appreciate all ideas and actions taken by employees which contribute to improving quality, saving costs, safety in the workplace and reducing the impact of our products on the environment. The high level of motivation and qualification of our employees enables us to create the basis for operations which are close to the customer and fulfil the highest quality, environmental and safety standards. Our management team closely monitors demographic developments and responds by promoting basic and further training on the part of our employees.

The environment
We continuously promote environmental conservation from the standpoint of organisational, technical and economic feasibility.  Employees are trained in relation to operations at the specific workstation, as well as in the responsible use of raw materials, plant and equipment. This includes in particular avoiding or minimising environmental impact to an economically viable extent and wherever possible at the point of origin.

We obtain our services, raw and auxiliary materials exclusively from selected suppliers. These must observe the applicable regulations and meet our quality and environmental standards. The quality and environmental performance of individual suppliers has a major influence on our evaluation and selection criteria.

The applicable legislation
We are committed to compliance with existing environmental and workplace safety legislation and regulations.
Our facilities, products, emissions and disposal operations are monitored on our own responsibility. All measures which are identified as necessary are implemented on our own initiative, even without legal obligation or official requirements.

At Huhn teckentrup Deutschland GmbH the fulfilment of these fundamental principles is ensured by our quality and environmental management system . The management systems apply to all locations (*) as well as all the company's divisions and activities. In the process Huhn teckentrup Deutschland GmbH never loses sight of its environmental responsibilities right along its product and process chains and even beyond company boundaries . In this way we effectively secure the positive development of our company in all areas. The effectiveness and application of the quality and environmental management system is monitored by management on the basis of internal and external audits.

*= ISO 140001 does not apply to the logistics location in Lüdenscheid (Works 3).